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Fork Receivers!

Spenco’s expertly engineered high tensile cast steel fork receivers are adjustable to any width and the following settings: High setting is achieved by positioning fork  receivers with tallest socket set atop the exclusive diamond shaped cross bar. Fork receivers facing in towards the wrecker makes for the closest possible positioning of the load. Forks may be positioned beyond the cross bar for the longest reach possible. This setting is also the low position for slipping under bumpers.

Mack Rear End Forks and SuperMacks boast an 8-3/4 and 10-3/4 inch top opening (respectively) for the wide rear axle of Macks. Both have a 10-3/4 inch overall height. Sold separately or in pairs.




Specs Winches Body Controls
Lights Boom Underlift Hydraulics

Why Spenco Recovery Units?

Durability. Reliability. The power to handle the most difficult towing and recovery jobs. This is what you expect from a Spenco Recovery vehicle, and this is what we've built into every unit bearing our name.

History / Background to underlifts (Zacklift)
The gas crunch of the late '70s marked the advent of aerodynamic cars, utilizing more and more plastics in their design. Zacklift's inventor believed that towers shouldn't have to buy a complete wrecker to have damage-free towing. With this thought, the first add-on wheel and frame lift was engineered. Those first Zacklift customers were pioneers as well. Not only did they have to be sold on the idea of a Zacklift, they had to learn what an underlift was. The basic design of the Zacklift is something that has stood the test of time. The three function, 30° tilt, 0° load angle engineering has remain Zacklift's core. 20 years later, this design can be found in Zacklift's newest innovation; the 2003 "Fifthwheeler." This product retrofits any size Zacklift to a tractor's fifth wheel plate. Today, every rating and reach of Zacklift can be mounded either as permanent or removable. Choices include extended ratings to 40,000 pounds and reaches to 147 inches.

Zacklift underlifts mount on any chassis, make or model; bare frame or a conventional wrecker. Location from ground & tailboard positioning of the critical tilt cylinder, and all elements of the mounting, have been carefully pre-engineered so that the Zacklift can be easily self-installed. Included are step by step installation instructions.


Wheel Lifts are available in two sizes. The Heavy Duty Multi Position Wheel Lift accommodates 16 to 24.5 tires. The Auto Wheel Lift will allow your heavy duty rig to tow everything from the smallest compact to vehicles with up to 19.5 inch tires. Rated at 6,000 lbs.

Trailer Hitch with rugged side arms gussets directly to the wrecker tailboard, and comes complete with pintle ball combination. Or you can add your existing hitch. Trailer hitch is easily attached in just minutes.



Rear Spades!

Rear Spades are fully hydraulic with 30 inch stroke cylinders.


Legs feature independently functioning check valves. Exceptionally well engineered, swivel, two position feet provide a flat pad for stabilizing and a rugged angle claw for winching. spades include secure anchor loops for low winching.

The Stifflegs are engineered with Spenco's trademark rugged construction. These anchors push a massive 38,000lbs in each leg and feature unbeatable wide-surface foot pads measuring more than a foot and a half across. Flip the foot and you've got a powerful angle claw.



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